Foundation Design and Repair

At Ruffini Engineering Services LLC, we are here for you when you need help with foundation design and repair in Colorado. In the Colorado area, the vast majority of issues that occur to both residential and commercial buildings are due to failing foundations. Due to the abundant clay soil and freeze/thaw cycle, foundations constantly settle and absorb pressures that can crack concrete and give way to leaks and accelerated deterioration. The foundation and design services that we offer enable you to save a great deal of time and money whilst delivering the peace of mind that you need. Read on to find out more.

Practical, cost-effective solutions

However, various methods of arresting foundations and shoring up vulnerable areas are available. At RES, we specialise in finding solutions which are not only practical to install but cost-effective too. We begin the process by carrying out a site survey so we can evaluate the severity of your problem and identify the root cause. We then co-ordinate with an existing contractor or design a solution. Our clients can use this design to shop around for quotes.

Prevent “over-design”

One of the key benefits of carrying out the structural analysis first is that this prevents costly over-design and gives the homeowner the ability to decide if they would like to carry out the work on their own. In any case, the new construction design or repair will need to undergo the permitting process. The availability of an engineer-stamped design can accelerate the permit process, reducing the strain and pressure placed on the building department. The engineer takes on the liability, which means the building department don’t need to check every last detail.

Get the support that you need

Once the work has been completed, it’s common for the design engineer to carry out a visual inspection of the final product before producing a letter to certify the safety and integrity. Another big advantage of bringing in an engineer from the very start of the project is the swift response times you’ll encounter when a contractor or a homeowner has an unforeseen issue. If you find that you need to bring in an engineer further down the line, you could find yourself wasting a great deal of time and money. It can take several weeks to schedule an engineer and a great deal of time for the engineer to investigate the problem before prescribing a remedy. We have many years of engineering experience to draw upon, and you can connect with us at any time if you do have any queries about the services that we offer.

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