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Do you need consulting services for retaining walls in Colorado or Florida? We can help. Retaining walls are rigid walls that are used to support soil so it can be retained at two different levels on both sides. There are many reasons why you might need a consultancy service when you’re building a retaining wall. Read on to find out more about our retaining wall consultancy service.

When to reach out?

If a retaining wall is to be more than three feet in height, it is subject to permitting approval. Another reason why you might require a consultancy service when creating a retaining wall is that if the wall is improperly designed, it’s possible that stormwater could collect and saturate your soil. This could result in premature failure and clay expansion, which can harm the main structure and push your wall forward. This problem is known as “overturning”.

If your wall is more than eight feet tall, it’s susceptible to “sliding”, if it’s not anchored efficiently. If sliding occurs, this is the same as a landslide, and it can cause catastrophic damage to any adjacent structures. There are many different kinds of retaining walls, at RES, we are equipped to consult on all types of residential and light commercial walls.

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